Triple Bottom Brewing

A new identity & can design system for Philly’s first and only fair chance brewery. Buckle up–it’s a long one.

It’s All About Perspective

Triple Bottom believes everyone in every community should have the opportunity to craft something great. They’re set up as a fair chance brewery—the only one in Philadelphia.

With this new design, the Triple Bottom cans — like their approach — invite people to look closer, to be interactive, to consider different angles, and to realize that the person sitting across from you at the bar may not have the same point of view as you.

Decisions, descisions—why decide when you can just have everything you want all at once?

Canning Day

Shoutout to the folks at Iron Heart

Unstoppable Rebrand

New Type → New Wordmark → Logo Refresh

Cool new logos and wavy Made in Philly stickers
Freigeist (left) and Dwight (right)

But why stop at a label, when you could also update a wordmark?

And why stop at a wordmark when you could redraw an entire logo from scratch?

Triple Bottom logo before (left) and after (right)

From the neighborhood to the city skyline.

  • the hop is now bigger, and it reads more clearly as a hop
  • the hop stem aligns with the skyscraper above it, giving the mark added symmetry and strength
  • the relationships between the buildings and the hop are more consistent and intentional, so the hop fits more seamlessly into the scene
  • the hop sits more centrally within the mark, rather than dipping way below the baseline (which also helps the logo lock up better with the wordmark below it)
Yer boi Dayan in his shiny new Triple Bottom sweatshirt

Palette Cleanser (aka Color)

Original color palette (top) and new color palette (bottom)
Business cards in fun colors with fun type. See, business can be fun!

Built to Be Social

From City Skyline to Cityscape

An old photo of what’s now the Triple Bottom brewery building on Spring Garden St., Philadelphia

Our Dearly Beloved Dead Work

Beer. People. Planet.

Just a Freaking Gorgeous Hop Wreath

Did you like this project? Want to work with us and make some funky stuff together? Let’s goooooooo.



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